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Welcome to AboutReact!

I’m Snehal Agrawal. Thanks for stopping by.

This website is all about React Native.

I am a mobile app developer with some decent skills in web development. My love to explore new technologies helps me to learn more and more. I also have a crush on blockchain technology and concepts and I also work related to blockchain technologies.

I started posting here right after I started learning React Native to help others.

About Us: Unveiling the Journey of React Native

Established in 2018, our goal has been to empower new developers with the knowledge and skills to work with React Native.

Founding Vision: Bridging Aspiration and Expertise

React Native has changed the game in app development, making it more accessible. Using this insight, we established our blog to create a platform that shares knowledge and supports those who want to enter the world of cross-platform app development.

Our Commitment: Tutorials That Transform

At the heart of our commitment is a dedication to delivering tutorials that transcend the ordinary. We gather and present content that simplifies React Native, from basic concepts to advanced techniques. This makes it easier for developers at any level to understand and use. Our tutorials are designed to help both beginners and experienced coders on the path to mastery.

What Sets Us Apart: Expertise with a Personal Touch

What makes our blog unique is the blend of technical expertise and a personal touch. We understand the challenges faced by aspiring developers because, like you, we’ve been there. Our tutorials are crafted with empathy, anticipating the stumbling blocks you might encounter and providing clear, actionable solutions.

The React Native School Community: A Growing Ecosystem

Since our inception, we’ve fostered a vibrant community of developers who share a common passion for React Native. Our blog is a place for collaboration, where we share ideas, answer questions, and come together to learn.

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Hope to have a long journey here. Thank you and keep visiting. 🙂