5+ Useful Tools for React Native Development

Hello Guys, I have introduced a new section called Useful Tools where I will share the Useful Tools for React Native Development which can help you to increase productivity. There will also be some tools that will help you to learn how to debug your app. The motivation of this section is to share the knowledge and the technique that I use while developing any React native app. I’ll try to share more and more tools in the future. If you have any tricks and tips which you want to share with others then I’ll be more happy to list it that in the section. Please click below to share your secrets.

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You can find the following tools:

  1. Online Emulator: This is an online emulator to help you running and debugging your app online in your browser.
  2. Online SQLite Query Tester: To test your SQLite database queries online.
  3. Flex Layout Designing: To design a flexbox layout for your app using drag and drop tool and get the code on a single click.
  4. Run Native App in Browser: This can be used for app demos, training, customer support, development, testing, and more
  5. Rename React Native App: To rename your React Native application. This will update the Application name with package name and directory names too.

That was the list of Useful Tools for React Native Development. I hope these tools will help you and do provide your feedback if you have any.

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