Run Native App in Browser

In this section, we will see how to run a native mobile application in your browser. In mobile development, there are many things that create mess and distribution of application build before the production is one of them. I personally faced this problem as I have many clients who want to see their app while development and it also becomes very important to take the feedback from the client to check everything is aligned.

It is really very painful to make a build (apk or ipa) of the application and send it to the client as many times it happens that the client installs the old version and found you did nothing. So to overcome this I was searching for an option that can help me to showcase my app. I found an Online Emulator (Expo) which was fantastic to work from anywhere and anytime but I need a solution to showcase my app, not the code. Finally, I have come to know about the and everything became sorted. is an online website where you can upload your app build (apk or ipa) and it will run the app in the emulator in the browser. You can try it in just 3 simple steps.

1. To run the native app in the browser open the and you will see the home page showing it is useful for app demos, training, customer support, development, testing, and more. You can read about it by clicking Learn More or can move to the second step.

2. Click on the upload option from the top menu. Now you will see the instruction telling what you have to upload for the iOS and Android both. You can upload the build accordingly. I usually like to showcase the Android version for the cross-platform app as making apk is far easy. Now select the build of your choice and click upload.

3. After the successful upload please enter the mail address to get the URL of your emulator running native app in the browser.

That is it! You will get a mail on the entered Email address with a URL just open the URL and you will your native app running in the browser. You can embed it anywhere as well.

Click here to see the demo and for the live application click here.

This is how I am showcasing my application with many of my clients and I hope this will also help you. You can also sign up and can use the additional features.