How to See Realm Database Data Saved in Device using Android Studio

How to See Realm Database?

Hey Guys, This post on How to See Realm Database Data Saved in Device using Android Studio was the demanding post of one of our visitor Shubham. So here are the steps to see the data stored in the Realm database in the device. This is an extended post of our previous post Example of Realm Database in React Native.

Open Realm Database Stored in Device using Android Studio

1. Insert the data in the database

I know it’s not a point to mention but believe me, I got some queries in which people forgot to insert the data in the database but still, they want to see the data. So for the safer side insert the data in the application’s database using your app.

2. Connect the Device

If you are working with the Real Device, you can connect it with the development machine or if you are using emulator then you are ready for the next point.

3. Open Android Project

Launch Android Studio and open File > Open > “Your project”/android directory. It will open the Android project.

4. Find Device File Explorer

After opening the Android Studio you need to find the “Device File Explorer” which you can generally find at the right bottom of the Android Studio. If you have successfully found the option then you can click on it.

If you are unable to find the Device File Explorer then try to find View option in the top menu and hover over “Tool Windows”. Here you will see the “Device File Explorer” option just click on it.

5. Select the Device

After clicking on it, you will see a window. At the top of that window, you can see a dropdown with a list of devices connected with your development machine (also includes emulators). Select the device from which you want to see the Realm database. Select the device and expand the data option.

6. Export the realm database file

Find your project with Realm Database and expand it. You will find the files and under that the database which you have created. After finding the database right click on that and save it to any directory.

7. Download Realm Studio

Go to this link. Where you can find the Realm Studio which you can download and can install, This Realm Studio will help you to see the content of the exported database file.

8. Open the exported file in Realm Studio

After the successful installation of the Realm Studio open Realm Studio. Select the “Open Realm File” option and navigate to the directory where you have exported your database and open it.

9. Done

If you are lucky or have followed every step then you will be able to see the database in Realm Studio. You can explore Realm Studio and can query the data as per your need.

This is how you can See Realm Database Data Saved in Device using Android Studio. If you have any doubts or you want to share something about the topic you can comment below or contact us here. There will be more posts coming soon. Stay tuned!

Hope you liked it. 🙂

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