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Hello and welcome to AboutReact. In AboutReact we have divided the React Native tutorials and code into different sections to help you learn step by step. This is an introductory page of the Just Started section.

Just Started section is for those who are just starting learning React Native. This section will help you to kick start the setup process. So without any delay let’s summarize the content of this section.

Just Started section will cover:

1. What is React and React Native?

2. What is the difference between React and React Native?

3. How to setup the development environment for React Native development which includes the installation of npm, node, Android environment, and Xcode environment?

4. Which code editor you can use for the React Native development and how to setup them?

I hope you understand what we are going to cover. You can start from the left sidebar which is having all the posts sequentially to cover the above-mentioned points.

If you have already covered all the above-mentioned points you can move to the Beginner section which will help you to create your first React Native App.

If you face any issue then you can visit Frequent Issues section to find the solution or to report the problem.

React Native is a rapidly growing native app development framework nowadays and everybody is contributing so many new things in React Native daily, that is why you can see many updates in the components and libraries but don’t worry, I will keep my posts updated. If you see below you will find the recently updated posts of this section.