Hello Guys, I hope you went through our Just Started section in which we have covered the introduction and setup for the React Native development. If you have landed on this section directly and have no setup ready for the React Native development then I request you to go and visit our Just Started section.

This beginner Section is going to be interesting as we are going to start some coding in this section. Here are some points to summarize the content of the Beginner section:

1. Components Overview and Usage

This will be enough for you to lean in this beginner section and you can move to Advance Section. Point 2 will give you an additional knowledge which can help you to apply above mentioned components in your application. You can go through them and if interested then you can cover them also.

After understanding the component from this section you can visit Useful Components section which will help you to find more helpful component for your React Native App. I hope you will like that section.

2. Important Examples using Different Component’s Props

  • Example of View Props,  Text Props, TextInput Props , Button Props, Image Props, List Props, WebView Props
  • Use of ScrollView and use of StyleSheet

I hope you understand what we are going to cover. You can start from the left sidebar which is having all the posts sequentially to cover the above-mentioned points.

If you have already covered all the above-mentioned points you can move to the Advance section which will help you to explore more things like screen navigation, how to use device features and many libraries to make the React Native development very easy for you.

If you face any issue then you can visit Frequent Issues section to find the solution or to report the problem.

React Native is a rapidly growing native app development framework nowadays and everybody is contributing so many new things in React Native daily, that is why you can see many updates in the components and libraries but don’t worry, I will keep my posts updated. If you see below you will find the recently updated posts of this section.