Online Emulator

Mobile application development consists of two main things: coding and debugging.

Any code editor can be used for coding, but debugging requires additional resources. Therefore, it can be said that a robust testing and debugging environment is essential for facilitating and expediting the development process.

When it comes to developing mobile applications, we typically rely on using Android Emulator / iOS simulator or real devices. However, in the world of React Native mobile app development, Expo has brought innovation to a whole new level with its fascinating feature called Expo Snack.

Expo is an open-source platform for making universal native apps for Android, iOS, and the web with JavaScript and React. It provides an online emulator to develop your React Native app online in the Expo environment.

In the online emulator, you have the ability to create an entire app and instantly observe real-time updates. You just have to visit the Expo Snack site to use this online emulator. You can also save your project by signing up for free.

I highly recommend using this platform for your primary development needs or for all your design-related tasks. With its ability to run online, it will greatly assist in speeding up your application development process.

Avoid relying too much on the Expo environment because you will need to eject from it for the final build. You can find the Expo Snack below.