React Native View Pager with 3 Different Indicators

This is an Example of React Native View Pager with 3 Different Indicators. React Native View Pager allows the user to flip left and right through pages. In our ViewPager Example, we’ll implement a ViewPager that swipes through three different views with the indicator.

  1. PagerDotIndicator
  2. PagerTabIndicator
  3. PagerTitleIndicator

To Make a React Native App

Getting started with React Native will help you to know more about the way you can make a React Native project. We are going to use react-native init to make our React Native App. Assuming that you have node installed, you can use npm to install the react-native-cli command line utility. Open the terminal and go to the workspace and run

npm install -g react-native-cli

Run the following commands to create a new React Native project

react-native init ProjectName

If you want to start a new project with a specific React Native version, you can use the --version argument:

react-native init ProjectName --version X.XX.X
react-native init ProjectName --version react-native@next

This will make a project structure with an index file named App.js in your project directory.

Installation of Dependency

To use PagerTabIndicator, IndicatorViewPager, PagerTitleIndicator, PagerDotIndicator you need to install rn-viewpager package. To install this

Open the terminal and jump into your project

Run the following command

This command will copy all the dependencies into your node_module directory, You can find the directory in node_module the directory named rn-viewpager.

–save is optional, it is just to update the react-navigation dependancy in your package.json file.

Now Open App.js in any code editor and replace the code with the following code.


To Run the React Native App

Open the terminal again and jump into your project using.
cd ProjectName
To run the project on an Android Virtual Device or on real debugging device
react-native run-android
or on the iOS Simulator by running
react-native run-ios (macOS only).

That was the React Native ViewPager. If you have any doubt or you want to share something about the topic you can comment below or contact us here. There will be more posts coming soon. Stay tuned!

Hope you liked it. 🙂

34 thoughts on “React Native View Pager with 3 Different Indicators”

    • Hi Ravi,
      To change the color of the DotIndicator you need to override the default prop using dotStyle and selectedDotStyle where you can change the background color of the dot indicator. Please change the PagerDotIndicator with the following lines and you will see the change.

      In case of any issue please comment.

  1. Hello ~
    Thank you for your tutorial , It’s very useful with me.
    Could i make indicator in top of the view pager ?

  2. Hi! Need your help. I am using react-router native and I want to redirect to another route on swipe left on the last tab with this.props.history.push(‘/next_route’). Is it possible to implement somehow?

    • Sorry but this library does not support that.. Let me look into other solution which will fulfill your needs.. I will cantact you if I found any library according to your need..

  3. Thanks fr the article, really useful. Is there a way that you can have a ‘next’ button which would implement the same change as a swipe? Thanks in advance 🙂

  4. Thanks fr the article, really useful. Is there a way that you can have a ‘next’ button which would implement the same change as a swipe? Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Hello,

    I’m new in React native i had integrated rn-viewPager from your demo and notes. but when i try to run app. it shows me error like componentWillUpdate is deprecated can you please help me to sort-out this warning.

    • In the latest React Native 0.60 version you will see Warning: componentWillUpdate is deprecated and will be removed in the next major version. Use componentDidUpdate instead. As a temporary workaround, you can rename to UNSAFE_componentWillUpdate.

      It is just a warning for now so wait till the library manager updates the library.

  6. i have been upadte the viewpager library but i have some issues in (typeerror.undefined is not an object(evaluating’react.proptypes.func’)give some solution

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