Example of File Picker in React Native

Here is an Example of File Picker in React Native. For picking a file or a document we will use a library called react-native-document-picker. Which provides DocumentPicker component which is very helpful to pick any type of document from your mobile memory.

How to Use

react-native-document-picker library provides a DocumentPicker component in which you can set the file type you want to pick and accordingly it will provide you the option to choose the file.

File picker provides you the option to choose single or multiple files. Here is the code snippet of DocumentPicker we have used in this Example

To Pick Single document or File

To Pick Multiple documents or Files

In this example below, we will open a File Picker on a click of a button and will show the selected File URI, File Type, File name and File Size on the Text component. So Let’s get started with the Example.

To Make a React Native App

Getting started with React Native will help you to know more about the way you can make a React Native project. We are going to use react-native init to make our React Native App. Assuming that you have node installed, you can use npm to install the react-native-cli command line utility. Open the terminal and go to the workspace and run

npm install -g react-native-cli

Run the following commands to create a new React Native project

react-native init ProjectName

If you want to start a new project with a specific React Native version, you can use the --version argument:

react-native init ProjectName --version X.XX.X
react-native init ProjectName --version react-native@next

This will make a project structure with an index file named App.js in your project directory.

Installation of Dependency

To use DocumentPicker we need to install react-native-document-picker package. To install this

Open the terminal and jump into your project

Run the following command

This command will copy all the dependencies into your node_module directory, You can find the directory in node_module the directory named react-native-document-picker.

Linking of Dependency

After the updation of React Native 0.60, they have introduced autolinking feature means we do not require to link the library but they have also mentioned that some libraries need linking and react-native-document-picker is one of those cases. So for that we need to link the library using

CocoaPods Installation

Now we need to install pods

Permission to access External Storage for Android

We are going to access external storage so we need to add some permission to the AndroidManifest.xml file.
So we are going to add the following permissions in the AndroidManifest.xml

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGETo Read the content of the SD card

For more about the permission, you can see this post.

Code for the File Picker in React Native

Open App.js in any code editor and the Replace the code with the following code


To Run the React Native App

Open the terminal again and jump into your project using.
cd ProjectName
To run the project on an Android Virtual Device or on real debugging device
react-native run-android
or on the iOS Simulator by running
react-native run-ios (macOS only).



As this file picker provides the iCloud pick also so before running the application for IOS. Open the project in Xcode and click on the project in the left sidebar and you will see many options in the workspace.

1.  In the general tab, you have to choose your signing profile from XCode.

2. In the Capabilities tab, You can see the iCloud option which you have to turn on.

3. It will ask you to choose the development team. Select your development team.

4. Now we are ready go with iOS also

If you are working on the IOS simulator then you will get this error because simulator does not support iCloud and file picking options

This is how you can Pick a file from the React Native Application. If you have any doubt or you want to share something about the topic you can comment below or contact us here. There will be more posts coming soon. Stay tuned!

Hope you liked it. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Example of File Picker in React Native”

  1. How to prevent the package from accessing icloud as I do not have Apple Developer Account and would just want to access from the local storage.

  2. * What went wrong:
    A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:react-native-document-picker’.
    > Could not find method google() for arguments [] on repository container.

  3. How do i get file contents from this?so that i can move the contents to another file and move to folder.
    how do i get file contents from document picker?

  4. I just tried using version 3.2.4

    Tapping add attachment gives me an error screen

    “undefined is not an object (eveluating ‘_reactNativeDocumentPicker.DocumentPicker.show’)”

    I followed all steps as stated here on this page. Please advice. Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Nana, After the update of React native 0.60 We have a new update in the library too. Can you please wait till the end of the day as I have updated the post and will update it till the end of the day.

  5. Hi I’m from Peru. I tried several times with this library react-native-document-picker for uploading files but I still get the same error as Nana :
    “Unhandled Promise Rejection. DocumentPicker.isCancel is not a function.”

    Im working with react native version 0.60. Please any help.

  6. Sometime, when already picked a file, return dot not a Uri, otherwise it is local path file. Then, I using react-native-firebase upload a file from Uri via method putFile happend error.
    How do return 100% Uri?

  7. hi dude , successfully i am picking up the file paths from the above example .
    i am getting only the path location. But i need the content(File data) of the path in base 64.
    How can i read this file data ?

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