`react-native link` without package name is Deprecated

`react-native link` without package name is Deprecated

This post is regarding the deprecation of react-native link without the package name. If you are using a library with some native functionality then you need to make some changes in the Android and IOS files.

There are two ways to do that:

  1. Do it manually.
  2. Using react-native link which is a CLI command to do the changes automatically.

Previously if we talk about the linking of the library then there was not a compulsion to define the library name but in the upcoming release, you need to define the library name compulsory.

If you run the react-native link on the terminal to link the library you can see the warning regarding that.

To remove this warning make sure to add library name while linking.

So the conclusion is:


react -native link / react -native link react-native-maps (Both are legal).

In the upcoming update :

react -native link react-native-maps (Compulsion to define the library name).

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