How to Run React Native App On Real Device using Wi-Fi

Debug App in Real Android Device using Wi-Fi Connection

How to Run React Native App On Real Device using Wi-Fi is the extended version of our previous post on How to Run React Native App On Real Device Android which has a description of how to run the App using USB cable in Real Device. In this post, we will show you how you can connect your device to your development server using Wi-Fi to run the React Native App. So let’s get started.

To do this you have to follow the same steps described in the previous post here to connect via USB as we have to run the application once to open the Developer Menu of the app. If you have successfully installed your application in your device using a USB cable connection then remove the USB cable and follow the following steps:

Make sure your laptop and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Get the IP Address of your Development Machine

To connect the device using Wi-Fi we will need the IP address of the development machine. Below are the different ways to get the IP address depends on the different OS

Windows: use ipconfig

Linux: use ifconfig

Mac OS: use ifconfig | grep "inet "

Setting Debug Server Host & port

After getting the IP address please follow the below steps to set debug server host & port.

Developer Menu

Open the application and shake your device to open the Developer Menu

Dev Settings

after opening it click on the Dev Settings

Debug Server Host & Port

Click on Debug Server Host & port for the device and enter the IP address of your development machine and port number which is port 8081 (default port for React Native development server)

Refresh the App

Now go back and click on Refresh Js which will run your App via Wi-Fi Connection

This is how you can run the React Native App on Real Device using Wi-Fi. If you have anything to share please comment below or contact us here.

Hope you liked it:)

16 thoughts on “How to Run React Native App On Real Device using Wi-Fi”

  1. Thank you, it’s better to run apps on physical device and without using usb cable. If I create another app, do I need to connect it first and debug server host & port for device again?

  2. How can we do it if we are using VPN on any machine. It is working without VPN but if i connect it doesn’t work. is there any workaround for that?


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