Hello Guys, I hope you went through our Beginner section in which we have covered how to create your first React Native App and how to use basic components. If you have landed on this section directly and have no idea what is going on, then I request you to go and visit our Just Started and Beginner sections.

This Advance Section is for those developers who have started building the basic React Native apps and now moving to some advance level. In this section, we will cover the most important and frequently used things like how to navigate from one screen to another, Navigation Drawer/Sidebar, Bottom Navigation, Tabs.

Here are some points to summarize the content of the Advance section:

1. How to Navigate/ Switch from one screen to another using React Navigation in React Native

2. How to create Navigation Drawer, Bottom Navigation and Tab

3. Some important properties which are going to help you in React Native development

4. How to handle Android’s back button and ask for the runtime permission in Android

5. How to use device features like HTTP/ Webservice calling, getting the location of the device using GPS, Click an image using Camera, Scan QR code using the camera, Text to speech conversion, Play video/music, Set device orientation, Control screen brightness, and access call logs

6. How to make Calendar, Date and Time picker and how to handle data time in React Native

7. How to generate Modal, Sheet and Alert

8. Encoding of data and some important Libraries

9. How to change icon of the app, rename it if you want and create a release build (Release APK and IPA)

I hope you understand what we are going to cover. You can start from the left sidebar which is having all the posts sequentially to cover the above-mentioned points. We also have some recommendations of important tools that can speed up your React Native development.

If you have already covered all the above-mentioned points you can move to the Pro Level section which will help you to explore more things like Animation, Local database, FileSystem Access, Third-party/Social Integration.

If you face any issue then you can visit Frequent Issues section to find the solution or to report the problem.

React Native is a rapidly growing native app development framework nowadays and everybody is contributing so many new things in React Native daily, that is why you can see many updates in the components and libraries but don’t worry, I will keep my posts updated. If you see below you will find the recently updated posts of this section.

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