25 thoughts on “Example of Google Sign In in React Native Android and iOS App”

  1. Thank you so much for this post.

    I was also facing this error: DEVELOPER_ERROR.

    I simply added my SHA-1 fingerprint in the firebase console and replaced the old google-ervice.json with the new one.

    Enabling the Google sign-in method and replacing the old webclientID with new one is a mandatory step.

    It’s now working for me.

  2. Exception ‘Your app is missing support for the following URL schemes: com.googleusercontent.apps.*****************************************’ was thrown while invoking signIn on target RNGoogleSignin with params (

    When i click on SignIn Button, above error is fire.
    I got a many solutions and also implement it. I am not able to understand this error. Few days ago it was running well, In android running well, but not in IOS.

  3. hellow,
    i am facing issue in ios , that if ios device has not current date and time then it’s throwing error like this [Error: RNGoogleSignInError: Unknown error when signing in., Error Domain=org.openid.appauth.general Code=-15 “Issued at time is more than 600 seconds before or after the current time” UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Issued at time is more than 600 seconds before or after the current time}].

    is there any solution ????

    • This can be used for that

      // Sign in without a prompt
        // If accessToken is expiring, refresh it
        signInSilentlyPromise() {
          return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            const offSuccess = GoogleSignIn.onSignIn((data) => {
            const offError = GoogleSignIn.onSignInError((error) => {
  4. Hi,
    i am getting [Error: apiClient is null – call configure first] error if i restart the app and try to logout from a different screen. Could you please help?


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