14 thoughts on “Getting SHA1 Fingerprint for Google API Console”

  1. hi there is issue when im using cli they are genrating the SHA BUT on every new project create when creat the SHA they are genrate the same SHA that my issue to genrate the SHA key please guide us im still stuck 1 week

  2. can we replace app with another app. like my one application is already available on playStore but I want to replace with 2nd app. but it show me error like your SHA1 ceritificate not match etc. how i solve this issue.

    • I wish it can be. :p
      But it is not possible. Once you create a release APK it creates a SHA1 certificate which should be unique. If you try to create a new app with the same package name you will not be able create the same SHA1. There can be a possibility if you keep the same package name and use the same release key.


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