4 thoughts on “Getting Key Hash for Facebook Console”

  1. Solution 2 worked. Thank you for that. I was very fed up of that. I have tried to generate the key from every different way. Please include the password generation method too. Each time you run the command it asks for the password and when you enter any password it generates the Key Hash though they are always different and I tried different hashes but nothing worked. Finally, solution2 worked successfully. Thank you. thank you very much. 🙂

  2. There are few typos in the post:
    1. In the last line of the first paragraph near: “release Key Hash els Facebook login will not work”. It should be “else” instead of “els”.
    2. In the section: “Solution 2: Generate Key Hash using SHA1” near “the encoded formate of your unique”. It should be “format” instead of “formate”.


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